How to Use an Olive Miswak

As with all the finer things in life, a little respect will go a long way. Follow our simple instructions to make the most out of your Royal Miswak experience.

1. Shave

Use a sharp object such as a knife to shave off about 1cm of the bark at the tip of the miswak.

2. Soften

Use your mouth to moisten the tip of the miswak for around 1 to 3 minutes. Take your time.

3. Separate

Once the miswak has softened, use your teeth to separate the bristles until a brush is formed.

4. Brush

Hold the miswak firmly between your hands and brush your teeth in an up and down motion.

5. Dry

Do NOT put the miswak back in the tube while it is wet or mold* will grow. Let the miswak dry first.

6. Cut

After 3 days or when the smell of the miswak changes, cut the tip off and repeat the steps.


Keeping any wet organic product in a dark and air tight environment will cause mold to grow. Do not put the miswak back in the tube while it is wet. The tube is not meant to be a carrying case, it is meant to keep the miswak fresh until the first time it is opened. If you wish to to put it back in the tube, allow the miswak to dry first or cut off the tip or leave the cap off the tube.